Where does the inspiration come from?
 – it is actually quite simple.

"Beauty comes in many shapes and from many places. I always embrace beauty when I see it. Every curve and every little groove or rounding in my jewelry is an expression of the beauty I have seen and been inspired of"

After a long breast cancer treatment, it became very important for me to exercise every day to get back into shape and lessen pain in my body. That led to quite a bit of training on a cross trainer with the training program; Rolling Hill. As you can see in the picture from the cross trainer, the form I trained became the ring; Rolling Hill.



Signs; the well known big green sign over every Pharmacy in France is inspiration to the ear sticker Positive2.



My kids are another source of inspiration and they inspired me to the two bracelets, Golden Gun and Kite. Tiles and a beautiful building in Milano ended up being Galaxy, and a doorbell in Venice, resulted in the Ear cuff Hippie.



I collect everything in my head. Then I sit down and draw it, like an architect would draw a building. It’s a state of mind.

I have always had this talent and feel so privileged that I can use it now to design jewelry for everyday use. In some of my pictures on my Instagram profile I have tried to indicate how I think and put things together - take a look and get inspired.