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This Playful Kite collection in 18 carat gold, is for all of us who loves to play. With dazzling diamonds on Kites tail that gently swing as you move, you simply want to move to make Kite swing & glitter.

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Kite - Necklace with diamondsKite - Necklace with diamonds
Kite - Necklace with diamonds Sale price€1,099.00 EUR
Kite - Bracelet with sparkling diamondsKite - Bracelet with sparkling diamonds
Kite - Bracelet with sparkling diamonds Sale price€1,705.00 EUR
Kite - Earrings with gleaming diamondsKite - Earrings with gleaming diamonds
Kite - Earrings with gleaming diamonds Sale price€1,404.00 EUR
Bellissima - Pendant with 20 diamondsBellissima - Pendant with 20 diamonds
Bellissima - Pendant with 20 diamonds Sale price€1,368.00 EUR
Kite - Earring Single with gleaming diamondsKite - Earring Single with gleaming diamonds