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About Josina Wilhelmina Bergsøe

From A to Z

JOSINA jewelry - “Everybody has a right to shine”


Founder and designer Josina Wilhelmina Bergsøe has a motto: “Everybody has a right to shine”. This is the main philosophy behind her jewelry. “I have always been passionate, excited and curious about creating great designs”. “Design is everywhere and in everything”, says Josina Wilhelmina Bergsøe. Josina is well-known throughout Denmark for her dedicated fundraising in aid of breast cancer research. It was, in fact, her own breast cancer that kick started her dreams of creating her own jewelry and her own company, JOSINA. Today, she designs, produces, and sells exclusive handmade jewelry.

A tribute to life, to love, to friendship & beauty

My new life

"When I saw the Grim Reaper, and felt the Lord pinch me, all my senses were sharpened and my wishes and hopes for life became extremely present. The result of my new life is my jewelry. It is the crystallization of my tribute to life, to love, to friendship, and, not least, to beauty," says Josina Wilhelmina Bergsøe, Founding Creative Director at JOSINA. She continues:

“I want women and men to feel powerful and beautiful when they wear my jewelry”

Minimalistic yet timeless, - luxurious and yet playful

The JOSINA design

Josina Wilhelmina Bergsøe creates jewelry with clean lines & technical precision. The pieces are minimalistic yet timeless, - luxurious and yet playful.

She makes unexpected details like pendants, that can be worn as both ring and bracelet, ring with precious stone on the inside to create an element of surprise, and jewelry pieces, that allow her customers to create their own style. And finally, she loves to use a lot of diamonds in her jewelry. Great design is all about the detail, and Josina has an eye for details.

“Everybody has a right to be beautiful. Everybody has a right to shine. That is what I want my jewelry to express and symbolize”

I always embrace beauty

Surrounded by inspiration

“My mind constantly develop new ideas and solutions through the beauty I see and experience”. Says Josina Wilhelmina Bergsøe. "Beauty comes in many shapes and from many places. I always embrace beauty when I see it, every curve and every little groove or rounding in my jewelry is an expression of the beauty I have seen and been inspired of”.

“I am very proud of my collection and my desk is swelling with new ideas, shapes, and details soon to be turned into jewelry for women & men who applaud beauty and life just as I do”

“My mind constantly develop new ideas and solutions through the beauty I see and experience”

Hand drawings and 3D design

Work process

The jewelry is crafted using a combination of both new and traditional techniques. Josina's visual process is hand drawings and 3D design combined with machine and hand finish by the finest local craftsmen in northern Italy. The jewelry is made of 18-carat yellow, white and red gold. All diamonds are (G-H, VS), and you will find that Josina Wilhelmina Bergsøe is uncompromising when it comes to the material and the quality of her jewelry.