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I am inspired by many different things when designing jewelry, including things that surround me and personalities like Mary Quant and Matisse. This time, I was inspired by two wonderful sisters who exude incredible charisma and grace. Their beauty and lovely personalities were the driving force behind the Jabbar collection, which is made in 18-carat gold and adorned with beautiful, clear emeralds. When you look at the collection, you may even imagine the sisters who inspired its beautiful design.

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Jabbar Emerald RingJabbar Emerald Ring
Jabbar Emerald Ring Sale price$1,923.00 USD
Jabbar Emerald BangleJabbar Emerald Bangle
Jabbar Emerald Bangle Sale price$3,624.00 USD
Jabbar Emerald HoopsJabbar Emerald Hoops
Jabbar Emerald Hoops Sale price$2,365.00 USD