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Akoya Pearl collection

Dazzling Droplets

Josina's Dazzling Droplets Collection —a necklace, bracelet, and earrings, exuding understated elegance. With handpicked pearls, chosen for their individual allure, connected by an 18-carat rolo chain, the pearls gracefully dance with every movement, creating a subtle symphony of twinkling lights. The addition of small round gold plates adds a touch of charm, casting a delicate glow that captures the essence of sophistication.

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Dazzling Droplets - Necklace with PearlsDazzling Droplets - Necklace with Pearls
Dazzling Droplets - Bracelet with pearlsDazzling Droplets - Bracelet with pearls
Dazzling Droplets - Earring with pearlsDazzling Droplets - Earring with pearls