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All our pieces are handmade by our suppliers in northern Italy. The jewelry is crafted using a combination of both new and traditional techniques. We are constantly monitoring our suppliers who all follow general requirements to improve legal and regulatory compliance and secure a commitment to responsible business practices as:
  • responsible supply chains and human rights, support community development, promote anti-corruption efforts
  • comply with international labor conventions and ensure responsible working conditions
  • to protect the health and safety of both people and environments, and to use natural resources efficiently
  • to secure responsible exploration and mining practices that protect potentially affected communities and environments from adverse impacts

Our production line involves very few interactions
– from design to final product - to secure an efficient and environment friendly approach. Furthermore we don’t spend energy on physical shops as we only sell via our homepage. Our showroom is also our living room. Being 100% online means that all our marketing take place on the web securing no use of paper and billboards for advertising. We only use paper for wrapping, produced by Danish suppliers who are eco-friendly.