Diamonds to die for

Today I had the pleasure to meet Rie Sahlholdt Dalager, who is a Certified diamond and pearl grader, HRD. Besides quality checking my diamonds she wrote me a small story about the origin of diamonds that I want to share with you.

Natural Diamonds are formed when 100% carbon is subjected to high temperature and high pressure deep inside the earth mantle.

A diamond takes millions of years to evolve and is considered to be the rarest and precious of all stones.

Due to high pressure and temperature, this beauty spent thousands of years forming deep within the earth- and coming to the surface by coincidence only because of eruption of volcanoes. And later to be found by someone who had it cut by a diamond cutter.

The diamond is graded in to the 4 C.
Carat, Color, Clarity, & Cut

Diamonds are forever. They never run out of fashion. There is some mystery about diamonds, there is so many stories related to them.