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Earrings that shine as bright as you: 18 carat gold, white diamonds and pearls.

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Dazzling Droplets EarringDazzling Droplets Earring
Dazzling Droplets Earring Sale price$967.00 USD
Matisse Sale price$1,094.00 USD
Drip DropDrip Drop
Drip Drop Sale price$1,409.00 USD
WOW Sale price$5,464.00 USD
Flower Power ear jacketFlower Power ear jacket
Flower Power ear jacket Sale price$1,194.00 USD
Emerald hoops 12 mmEmerald hoops 12 mm
Emerald hoops 12 mm Sale price$2,155.00 USD
Rain CloudsRain Clouds
Rain Clouds Sale price$1,210.00 USD
BOO 👻 Ear jacket & Flash earringBOO 👻 Ear jacket & Flash earring
BOO 👻 Ear jacket & Flash earring Sale price$1,056.00 USD
Jabbar Emerald HoopsJabbar Emerald Hoops
Jabbar Emerald Hoops Sale price$2,365.00 USD
Pop Ear jacketPop Ear jacket
Pop Ear jacket Sale price$1,161.00 USD
On the Rocks hoops 12 mmOn the Rocks hoops 12 mm
On the Rocks hoops 12 mm Sale price$2,928.00 USD
On the Rocks hoops with 1.09-carat diamond 14 mmOn the Rocks hoops with 1.09-carat diamond 14 mm
Shower earring (limited edition)Shower earring (limited edition)
Shower earring (limited edition) Sale price$818.00 USD
Flower Gun ear jacketFlower Gun ear jacket
Flower Gun ear jacket Sale price$608.00 USD
Galaxy earringsGalaxy earrings
Galaxy earrings Sale price$1,376.00 USD
Rain Cloud - SingleRain Cloud - Single
Rain Cloud - Single Sale price$619.00 USD
Pyramid Sale price$636.00 USD
Flower Power earringFlower Power earring
Flower Power earring Sale price$818.00 USD
Drip Drop - SingleDrip Drop - Single
Drip Drop - Single Sale price$763.00 USD
Flower Gun Ear jacket & Flash earringFlower Gun Ear jacket & Flash earring
Cone Sale price$304.00 USD
Positive Sale price$796.00 USD
Positive TwoPositive Two
Positive Two Sale price$619.00 USD
Bubbles Sale price$824.00 USD
BOO 👻 ear jacketBOO 👻 ear jacket
BOO 👻 ear jacket Sale price$608.00 USD