When I was a child, I had a simple ring with three signs on it; a cross symbolizing faith, an anchor symbolizing hope and a heart symbolizing loveThese symbols meant a lot to me at that time and made me feel safe. When I created The Power Pendant, I had this ring in mind. I want symbols which create a strong feeling in me; something that is important for me to remember every day, especially after my breast cancer process.

The result is a pendant with three symbols.


The diamond symbolizing POWER, I am powerful; the heart symbolizing PASSION, live your life passionate; the plus symbolizing POSITIVITY, stay positive. I find value in these words, and I would like every woman to remember them. When I wear The Power Pendant next to my heart it gives me the exact same strength and feeling as the ring did when I was a child, and that makes me feel strong. I hope you can have the same feeling with The Power Pendant.

Just interpret the symbols to fit your own story.